Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Rotten eggs

Each one of us has two opposite qualities in us: good and evil. Of these two, the latter is more powerful as it causes wars, mayhem, hatred and produces politicians, and the need for lawyers. Evil deeds make the news, niceness does not. If one is kind and loving, others consider him/her a wimp, a weakling. Yet it takes far more courage and strength to cultivate and show these traits than to act like a hyena.

It is interesting to see what happens to people in relationships, whether at home or at the workplace. A marriage or a similar union is a good example. If one partner is a rotten egg, it is likely that the other one will eventually become one, too. I’ve seen so many decent people turn into something that is hard to recognize, as a result of a relationship. Evil is like cancer that spreads. Goodness can only exist if people do some serious deep thinking and self-evaluation.

In a workplace, all it takes is one truly negative, ill-meaning coworker to infect just about everyone around. What seemed like a nice job can become hell overnight. The only way to survive seems to be by becoming even meaner and worse than the first demon. Also, the fear of a nasty and paranoid boss is enough reason to hate one’s job. Although changing the scene would seem like a natural thing to do, it isn’t always possible. People are dependent on their benefits and even a short gap in medical coverage can turn out to be disastrous. Depending on the field, it may be next to impossible to change jobs. Classical music is a good example. Many musicians try to leave but auditions are increasingly competitive and most of these people are stuck.

One way of surviving is to disassociate oneself from the rotten eggs of the world and find only nice people to be with. This is possible, as there are plenty of good and honest folks around. One just has to seek them out, as they tend to be quiet and hard to notice; most often on purpose, not to be noticed and ridiculed by the evil ones. A healthy attitude is to fill one’s life with people outside of one’s work field. In most cases that will turn out to be a very enriching and eye-opening experience.