Monday, September 12, 2005

Eye Candy

There was an interesting article in Sunday’s New York Times, about music and sex appeal, and an excellent link ( which you should check. Sex has always sold and today such is the case more than ever. If you check some of the pictures available via the link, you’ll soon see that glamorous pictures of these female artists, often with plenty of skin showing, are more important than their musical and artistic skills. It is a sad state of affairs, at least in my opinion. Where would great violinists who were not known for their skin deep beauty, such as Ginette Neveu or Ida Haendel, fit in today’s meat market world?

As I know many of these babes pictured, it amazes me what magic photographers can produce. By showing a bit more bare skin, a viewer’s attention is drawn away from an ordinary face, and a sexy eye candy image is created. Even not-so-attractive features can be transformed to something else with lighting tricks and using filtering effects. How about having mug shots of these beauties taken first thing in the morning, before the thick layers of make-up and outfits suited for an expensive escort service?

Today’s mail brought an envelope addressed to my wife. It was a request for a donation, one of many every day, but the text on the outside caught our attention:



In pictures: Aniela Perry, cello (left), Linda Brava, violin